Last June 20, Provincial Superior Fr. Jose Aripio left for Rome with four SSP members attending the Corso. He was to attend the Meeting of the Major Superiors at the SSP General House in Rome. Scheduled from June 22—30, the goal of this meeting, before the exchange of information, is to live an experience of communion and sharing for the benefit of the entire Congregation. The common desire is to listen to one another and to engage in mutual dialogue, with the main aim of improving the quality of the service of authority in favour of all the confreres of the Congregation.

The opening Eucharist was presided by the Superior General Fr. Valdir Jose De Castro. The first part of meeting proper was dedicated to a biblical reflection by Fr. Faustino Hernandez, who commented on the phrase of St. Paul, “I do everything for the Gospel” (1 Cor 9:23), the theme of 10th General Chapter. This was followed by a reflection on the situation of the Church in the light of Pope Francis’ Evangelii Gaudium, facilitated by Msgr. Giancarlo Maria Bregantini, Bishop of Campobasso-Bojano.

The succeeding days focused on the journey of the Congregation as actually happening in each Circumscription. The superiors were updated on the projects that the General Government is carrying forward. They also received indications on the activities of the General Officials, of the Postulator General, of the Director of the Centre of Pauline Spirituality, of the Delegate of the Aggregated Institutes and of the Pauline Cooperators, of the Delegate of the Communities dependent on the General House and of the Responsible of the institutional Information and of the website