Twenty-two delegates from seven houses of the Society of St. Paul began the Provincial Chapter in the morning of November 5, 2014 with a Eucharistic celebration presided by Fr. Joseph Javillo, Local Superior of Makati Community. The Chapter was convoked for two main reasons: to deliberate on and approve the Report of the Provincial Government to the 10th General Chapter and to elect two delegates to the same Chapter slated to be held in Rome from January 25 to February 15, 2015. 

After the welcome address of Fr. Jose Aripio, Provincial Superior and the Chapter President, the capitulars approved the proposed Chapter Iter and proceeded with the election of officers. Bro. Hansel Mapayo was elected secretary; Fr. Dominador Guzman, Jr. as moderator; and Fr. Cris Robert Cellan and Fr. Raymond Ferraris as actuaries. Rev. Angelo Paolo Asprer was chosen information officer.

Fr. Aripio then presented the report of the Provincial Government. While there are continuing challenges and more things to be done, there are also promising developments. These include the “professionalization” and “digitalization” of the apostolic sector, and the increasing presence of enthusiastic and dedicated young members. An open forum followed.

To prepare the capitulars for the afternoon election of the delegates, Fr. Aripio presented excerpts of the ongoing revision of the Constitutions and Directory and Manual on the Service of Authority. The review was begun during the 2013 Inter-Chapter done in the Philippines in view of presenting the proposed revisions to the 10th General Chapter. Fr. Gil Alinsangan was then asked to share his experiences as capitular in the two previous General Chapters.

Asking the intercession of Primo, the capitulars proceeded with the elections and chose Fr. Raymond Ferraris and Fr. Jean Marie Rollin Flores as official delegates. Fr. Cris Robert Cellan and Fr. Nicomedes Reforeal were elected as substitutes, respectively.

The day was capped with a delightful dinner and a postprandial singing contest, The Voice of St Paul. It gave the capitulars and the members of the community more time to unwind and interact after a long day’s work.

The second day of the Chapter would be spent for the “motions” of the Province and the members for the General Chapter.

Rev. Angelo Paolo Asprer, SSP
Provincial Chapter Information Officer