SPSF, Silang, Cavite—On February 26, 2013, the Superior General and the Major Superiors who were visited Saint Paul Seminary Foundation. According to Fr. Silvio Sassi, our Superior General, it was a historic visit for the congregation since this has never happened anywhere in the past. The Superior General, his Council, and the Major Superiors were assembled here for the SSP Interchapter which happens halfway through the regular term of a Superior General.

It was the first time that the Philippine Province hosted this important meeting, and it is also the first time that the Major Superiors visited SPSF—making it really a historic visit. Fr Celso Godilano, the congregation’s Vical General, was once the rector of SPSF.

Showing a true Filipino hospitality, the guests were treated with a lunch with a touch of Filipino fiesta. The seminarians also treated the guests with festive singing and dancing. During the lunch, the seminarians gifted Fr Sassi with a handcrafted native Filipino hat. 

After the meal, everybody proceeded to the Tanghalang Timoteo Giaccardo for an informal dialogue. Fr Ian Empig, the seminary Prefect of Discipline, shared the various apostolate the seminarians are engaged with. The Major Superiors also shared interesting information regarding their circumscriptions. The seminarians were eager to know how their counterparts from different parts of the world are doing. The seminarians were encouraged to ask questions and to express their aspirations, and to their delight, the General Government promised to help in the improvement of the seminary's facilities.

All in all, it was an encounter that filled the stomach, fascinated the eyes and ears, and filled the heart with so much hope and goodness. It was like a family reunion that brought the members together. Fr. Gilles Collicelli (Regional Superior of Canada-France), recalling this visit, wrote, “I will not forget, too the visit to Saint Paul Seminary Foundation in Silang and the meeting with the enthusiastic, dynamic Pauline aspirants and juniors. It has been refreshing and a source of hope for the future of our apostolate. As I promised, I have discussed with my Council the possibility of sending a financial contribution to the Seminary.”

Truly, it was an unforgetable visit.