St. Paul Novitiate House, CSFP, Pampanga—With the profession of their first vows on June 5, 2011, the  Solemnity of the Ascension and the World Social Communications Day, Cl. Vicente “Pablo” Rey T. Duron, SSP, Cl. Lawrence “Paulus” L. De Peralta and Cl. Paul Brian  L. Tayag are the added joys of the SSP Philippines-Macau’s celebration of Diamond Jubilee of Pauline Mission just as specifically, they are the added members to the growing community of Juniors, who just renewed their vows at the Maryridge Retreat House in Tagaytay a day earlier.

The three young men took Paul in different languages as their religious profession name: Latin, English, Spanish, the Provincial Superior Jose Aripio, SSP noted as well as projected a dream that the linguistic stress would perhaps mean their specific mission in their later Pauline apostolic life: Rome, USA, Spain. Laughter was elicited when Fr. Aripio pulled these young men to their feet, saying for the meantime they have to reckon with facing their own Jerusalem: Makati City. We remember that Jesus had to go to Jerusalem to face the powers that be, to face reality of tears and laughters.

Furthermore, the Provincial Superior reminded them of  three important messages of the Solemnity of the Ascension and their act of giving through their vows: praying as well as obeying which the apostles showed as they heeded to the message of Jesus relayed through the women; hoping for the future even as they are indeed the hope of our congregation’s future, and  finally, leading good lives witness to their faith in Jesus, as Fr. Silvio Sassi in his message to these three young men,too, put it: “today’s celebration of the World Day of Social Communication further places you in the heart of the actuality and urgency of the Pauline mission in the Areopagus of varied and lively digital world.”

Enjoying the fellowship of sumptuous supper and memorable stories like how the rain poured even before Cl. Brian had sung the Responsorial Psalm and how their friends had to be given bits of liturgical roles as Prayers of the Faithful just o convince them to come to far Novitiate House,  here’s an additional treat, a bite into the personal lives of these, what Fr, Joe called earlier, a not so young, not so old new members:

Cl. Vicente “Pablo” T. Duron, SSP, 34 years old from a family of nine, hails from New Lucena, Iloilo. A Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Graduate, he entered  Adult Vocation after teaching at Ermita Catholic School, ERDA Technical School, St Francis Catholic School  and St Peter School Quezon City  (2003-2007). He also took some Philosophy Courses at Saint Louis Univesity, Baguio and Mass Comm units at St Paul Seminary Silang, Cavite. His Apostolic Assignment Graphics for ST PAULS ADS And PROMO while pursuing his Theology at San Carlos Seminary, Makati City.

Cl. Lawrence “Paulus” L. De Peralta, SSP, 24 years old, in a brood of seven, is the relatively youngest of the three. He was born in Tanza, Cavite, but his family now lives in Malatgao, Narra, Palawan. A graduate of Philosophy and Communication at St Paul Seminary Foundation. During his Postulancy, he worked as graphics/lay-out artist for the Religious of the Virgin Mary, Cebu City, did the graphic works apostolate  at the Novitiate and will be continuing this at the Graphics Department, ST PAULS CREATIVE, while pursuing his Theology at San Carlos Seminary, Makati City.

Cl. Paul Brian  L. Tayag, SSP, 30 yrs old, is the Kapampangan of the batch. He is in the middle in terms and age and family size (5), for his immediate family. He  finished Philosophy and Mass Communication, Cum Laude, at St. Paul Seminary Foundation in Silang Cavite. He was theMarketing Officer of HIVE Manufacturing Company in Cebu while he was doing his Postulancy Exposure. He is assigned to the SAMBUHAY editorial office, ST PAULS CREATIVE for his apostolate, while pursuing his Theology at San Carlos Seminary, Makati City.

Image Gallery (Bro. Dennis Figuerres, SSP)